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WebCam-01 North-West: AXIS 2120WebCam-02 North-East: AXIS 2120
Klikk bildet for å forstørre / Click image to enlarge

LYB PANORAMA – 78°13′ N / 15°39′ E
Oppdateres én gang pr minutt; husk og klikk «Oppdater/F5»

4 kommentarer to “Longyearbyen LIVE!”

  1. 1
    admin Says:

    Kult bilde med LIVE bilder 🙂

  2. 2
    Bill Says:

    Love your new site! I always like to visit your island via the web.

  3. 3
    hasan Says:

    Greeting all of you people of the country away. I’m visiting this page every day, since two years. I think that yourr life is very beautiful and very quite. I believe as one day you visit.

    Nowadays, I’m working to finish my doctorate thesis about cultural backround of urban space. And I’m working for a plant country. We raise ornamental plants and vegetables seedling.

    I hope to see your beautiful country one day. Best regards.
    Hasan Taşçı, İstanbul / Turkey

  4. 4
    rosa ferrer Says:

    Vem visitar el país el juliol passat i en vem quedar enamorats.
    Cada dia entro al web per veure com segueix la vida allà dalt.
    Fa goig de veure com ja teniu el sol a les muntanyes!!
    Espero poder tornar algun dia.

    Rosa Ferrer, Barcelona Catalonia (Spain)

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